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Anti-condensation heating cables

The coils of electrical machines that are exposed to massive temperature fluctuations or extreme climatic conditions can be affected by condensate formation or bedewing. When the machine is turned off the built-in anti-condensation heater warms the coil by several Kelvin compared to the outside temperature. This prevents the condensation of humidity, which prevents potential corrosion damage inside the machine.

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CFH Heating Panels

Our CFH heating panels are made of insulated carbon fiber foil segments with incorporated copper tape conductors laminated onto a heat sink. They are connected to the grid via insulated cords, cables, sockets or connector blocks. The foil segments are manufactured according to customer’s specification. Dimensions and shapes are adjusted to the specific requirements. Boreholes, clearances, attachment bolts or earthing rods are possible.

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Sensor Technology

Temperature sensor with 2, 3 or 4 conductors for monitoring electrical machines at the coil end or for controlling the bearing’s temperature.
Sensor by default insulated with shrink sleeving or ceramics ferrule Type PT100 according to EN 60751.

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